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Sky Scrolls: Houston

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Erika Blumenfeld, Insta11ations artist working with District D in Houston, has reimagined her original project Sky Scrolls: Houston. Rather than producing a sculpture installed outside in the urban environment, she has decided to embed the sculpture within the community itself. Blumenfeld’s Sky Scrolls: Houston artwork is a collection of written personal narratives of people’s experiences of wonder gazing up at the stars. 

Blumenfeld invited the Houston community to participate in this public artwork for her Sky Scrolls project. Community members were invited to submit a night sky story from a past or current experience; these stories could describe experiences in any part of the world. Sky Scrolls submissions from District D residents were 3D etched inside a 4-inch crystal sphere and given to their respective storytellers. Blumenfeld logged the relative placement of each sphere within the community and created a symbolically plotted map visualizing the constellation of the Sky Scroll stories as an artwork within the community. The stories are showcased on Blumenfeld’s Sky Scrolls website. Anyone was welcome to submit a story, but only District D residents received the crystal sphere. To learn more about the project, or see what upcoming celestial phenomena are happening, visit:

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Meet the Artist

Erika Blumenfeld (b. 1971, USA) is a transdisciplinary artist whose practice is motivated by the wonder of natural phenomena and the relationship between nature and culture. Blumenfeld approaches her work like an archivist, driven by a passion to trace and collect the evidence and stories of connection across the cosmos. Her non-traditional research-based practice has led her to examine a range of subjects including astronomy, geology, planetary science, ecology, the environment, anthropogenic climate disruption, natural night sky preservation and light in its many forms. Blumenfeld often works in collaboration with scientists and research institutions, including NASA, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, McDonald Observatory, and the South African National Antarctic Program. Blumenfeld is a Guggenheim Fellow, Smithsonian Fellow, and recipient of a Rauschenberg Foundation Artist-in-Residence and Creative Capital Award. She has exhibited widely in the U.S. and abroad, including the Albright Knox Art Gallery; Fondation EDF; New Mexico Museum of Fine Arts; Nevada Museum of Art; Ballroom Marfa; DiverseWorks; Färgfabriken Norr; Galerie der Stadt Mainz; Kunstnernes Hus; Portland Institute for Contemporary Art; Rice University; TATE Modern, among others. Her work is featured in many books including Art and Ecology Now (Thames & Hudson, 2014) and The Polaroid Book (Taschen eds. 2005 & 2008) and resides in many permanent collections such as Albright-Knox Art Gallery; Lannan Foundation; Museum of Fine Arts Houston; New Mexico Museum of Art; Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art as well as University of Texas at Austin (McDonald Observatory Collection) and University College London in Doha, Qatar. She is currently an artist-in-residence and science-principal investigator on a project at NASA Johnson Space Center where she is leading a team to create an online library of 3D virtual models of NASA’s Apollo Moon rocks and Antarctic Meteorites for researchers and the public.