Israel McCloud

Acres Homes Rocks

About the Project

Acres Homes Rocks is a dynamic and innovative mixed-media installation by Artist Israel McCloud. The work has multiple components, including three welded art rocking chairs; two free-standing sculptural elements; one two-sided painted “A” sculpture; and one two-sided totem sculpture. McCloud’s installation, which is currently on view, is located in the median along South Victory Drive and can be viewed while carefully driving along South Victory Drive. 

McCloud, recognized for his iconic colors and aesthetic vibrancy, and known throughout Houston for his work on large-scale signs and murals, created Acres Homes Rocks as a tribute to the residents of Acres Homes in Houston. His multi-faceted installation celebrates the rural and urban diversity of the local community and encourages understanding and community growth through the acknowledgment of our shared histories. Additionally, Acres Homes Rocks honors the residents of historic Acres Homes – once recognized as one of the largest unincorporated African American communities in the South. 

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District B

  • Near: Carver High School (2100 S Victory St., Houston, TX 77088)
  • Near: Shepard-Acres Homes Neighborhood Library (8501 W Montgomery Rd., Houston, TX 77088)
  • Near: Swift Gas and Store (1100 N Victory Dr., Houston, TX 77088)
  • Near: Lawn St. and South Victory Dr. (Approx. address: 776-798 N Victory Dr., Houston, TX 77088)

Meet the Artist

Israel McCloud is a multi-disciplinary artist whose creative track-record transcends conventional categories. A third generation artist, his professional palette of visual art, design, performance and literary arts encompasses forty years of prolific productivity. McCloud has exhibited in galleries and venues including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston; Meredith Long Gallery, Houston; as well as abroad in Paris, France and Amsterdam, Netherlands. He performs spoken word poetry and literary readings throughout Houston, while actively pursuing a full-time commitment to professional mural and creative art design services.