Violette Bule

Rethinking Your Neighborhood: A Collaborative Experience

About the Project

Artist Violette Bule is creating an interactive work for her project in Houston’s District H, located in Irvington Park. Bule hopes to create a public art project that invites the community around Irvington Park to collaborate in redefining their community’s public spaces, their relationships to them, and their sense of agency. Using an interactive installation rooted in deep listening, data gathering, and collective action, Bule will create an environment where neighborhood residents can play, meet, and engage in a collective dialogue amongst themselves, and in turn advocate for their needs.

Throughout Violette Bule’s career as an artist, she has created installations that lure visitors in through games and pleasurable aesthetic experiences, engaging them with information and social action tools. Rethinking Your Neighborhood: A Collaborative Experience will employ the same strategies.

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Meet the Artist

As an artist-photographer, I move beyond the documentary record by drawing attention to the fantastical within reality and by deploying satire in order to take a critical look at a variety of social issues and power structures. While anchored in photographic practices, I often employ other media ranging from fine art materials to digital technology to commonplace objects such as mirrors, bars of soap, and silverware. Conjuring fictional narratives staged in urban spaces, I seek to question and highlight the often-overlooked complexity of issues such as migration, incarceration, identity, social justice, and nationalism.

I am committed to the power of image-making to spark radical change. Drawing on my experiences as a Venezuelan immigrant to the United States, I examine the structural violence that shapes the everyday life of vulnerable and precarious communities. Often employing documentary forms, I hope to renew and radicalize the modern ideal of blurring the boundaries between art and life as I seek to explore vulnerability and amplify it as a potential form of counterinsurgency, or perhaps, of political power.

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